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Qustodian is a new service that allows you to receive personalised offers, cash back заработок, promotions and news from those brands and businesses of greatest interest to you, cash back заработок. It does this via your mobile phone using the mobile internet and an optional App, which you can download to your phone when you register. Not only is the Qustodian service free, you can actually be paid cash when you use and interact with the service.

You decide which messages you want to receive and when. They are sent to an inbox, separate from cash back заработок SMS or email, so that they do not get mixed up with your personal message or become intrusive.

Receive and interact with messages from your favourite brands and retailers sent to the Qustodian inbox on your mobile phone. You can do this whenever you like using our App or by connecting over the mobile internet. Get paid cash into your Qustodian account when cash back заработок interact with commercial messages for which Qustodian earns income, with cash-back on purchases and for giving opinions on apps and other services.

You can also earn cash when your network people you invited to the service interacts with them. This can be transferred into your Paypal or bank account or donated to our partner charity. Have fun whilst receiving offers and news from brands and retailers you like! What is a Yoad? A Yoad is your digital personal profile of things that you like and dislike which we will use to make sure that you only receive messages from brands and retailers that are relevant to you. Why is it important?

Everyone has a Yoad. Qustodian will help you create, manage and look after your Yoad. Cash back заработок will share income generated by it with you. You can find your Yoad on our website, where you can update your interests and specify which categories you want to receive messages for or not. Why do I earn money for this? When you create your Qustodian account, you create things of value: Your Personal profile your Yoad Permission to communicate with you directly Your Yoad and permission is valuable — which is why many global internet companies and retailers are profiling you using their own systems.

Why should only they make money from your profile? We believe that it is time we started to make money from our own profile data, so we will help you to create your Yoad and make as much money as possible from it, from both receiving direct payments as well as offers for money off on goods and services that you want, cash back заработок.

So, you earn money from Qustodian because brands and retailers are willing to pay to communicate with you and we believe you should get to keep some of this money, cash back заработок.

How can I earn money through Qustodian? When you interact with a message within the Qustodian service from a brand or retailer who has paid Qustodian to communicate with you, cash back заработок, you will receive cash credits into your Qustodian account, cash back заработок. You can also earn cash-back when you purchase selected deals and for giving your opinions on recommended apps and other products and services.

Payment cash back заработок each message may be linked to a variety of interactions, such as messages being received or viewed, responses provided to questions and offers redeemed.

How much can I earn with Qustodian? Qustodian will pay a percentage of the net revenue received from brands and retailers to communicate and interact with you. Qustodian also sends un-remunerated messages for recommended products and services that match your interest but for whom Qustodian receives no revenue from the product or service. The percentages you will receive are as follows: This is unlimited, so the more people you invite, the more you can earn. The income that Qustodian will earn for each message sent to you will depend on the market value for these messages.

As this is a new service, the market value is relatively unproven, but we are confident that the more members we attract and the more Yoad information we have, the more money we will cash back заработок be able to make from this service. How much does it cost? Joining and using the Qustodian service is absolutely free and will always be free. Note that in order to use it, you will need to be able to access the mobile internet from your mobile phone and you will be responsible for the costs of the mobile internet access in the same way you pay your broadband fees from home to access web services.

We recommend that anyone joining Qustodian has a flat rate data plan a standard cost per monthso that they avoid any additional charges from their mobile operator for accessing cash back заработок service, cash back заработок.

Note that we have optimised our system to minimise any operator costs by: Note that you may not see messages immediately after they are downloaded as they may be set to activate at a later time or context. We are a group of business people from the UK and Spain who cash back заработок spent many years working in the mobile communications, media cash back заработок mobile marketing industries, cash back заработок.

What kind of messages will I receive? Qustodian offers a range of different message types to give users a broad spectrum of content that you could opt to receive: Recommended product and service campaigns, cash back заработок, selected by Qustodian to match your interests not remunerated.

Messages sent through this channel are not remunerated but do offer great deals and discounts. Content or Fan Channels: Opt in to any of our content channels and get the latest news, cash back заработок, contents and sneak previews sent to your mobile free of charge. Examples include Football Fancast or the Gadget Show.

Now and again we will send you messages with relevant information about Qustodian, cash back заработок, such as company news, cash back заработок, service updates and more. These messages are unpaid. Messages are single or multiple pages of text, cash back заработок, pictures and videos providing information about your favourite brands and retailers. They may include offers, vouchers, quizzes, competitions and surveys.

What is the Daily Deals Channel? The Qustodian Daily Cash back заработок channel is a great way to get offers from major daily deal companies, cash back заработок, whilst staying in control at all times. Using Qustodian for your daily deals means: Great deals with massive savings, cash back заработок, straight to your phone. You stay in control — you decide if and how you get the offers, cash back заработок.

You only get what is relevant to you as we filter by your Qustodian preferences and location These offers are not paid messages, cash back заработок, but you do benefit from some huge discounts. These offers are not paid messages, but you do benefit from some huge discounts. Where I can view my Qustodian messages? You can view your Qustodian messages using our mobile app or by logging in at http: What will happen when I get a message?

When using the Qustodian App on your phone, you are able to set within the App options, how you will be notified when you receive a new message. These options vary depending on which handset you use, but are all or some of: If you do not use our App, but choose to simply access the service over our mobile internet web page, you may receive an SMS occasionally when you receive a new message.

Will my phone beep all the time? We specifically designed our service to use the mobile internet and Apps so that we do not annoy you, by using your personal SMS and MMS messaging services for commercial messages. Who will I get messages from? You will receive messages from companies who want to send you messages based on a match with the information you provide in your profile as well as recommended products and services for you from the Qustodian team.

These companies will never see who you are anonymousbut they will know that you have stated a preference to some aspect of what they do. The more accurate your Yoad, the more relevant these companies will be. You will also have the option to select and de-select specific brands, retailers and local companies from whom you actively want to receive messages.

You will not receive more messages from either that company or within that category depending on the option selected. If you change your mind at any time after that, you can always visit your Yoad online and uncheck any blocks you may have added. This can happen for a number of reasons: You may not have set the same levels of interest in your Yoad, and you only receive messages from brands based on your particular interests The message may be part of a segmented campaign, cash back заработок.

In a case like this, the advertiser will have specified certain parameters be used to select the recipients and therefore not everyone will receive the message. Why did I not receive messages? We do not send campaigns every day to all users.

It depends on the type of audience that advertisers want to communicate with. Also the interest levels you cash back заработок specified in your Yoad will cash back заработок the range of messages that you receive.

It is not our aim at Qustodian to send vast numbers of adverts each day that might annoy our users. The service is not designed specifically to be a way to earn money quickly and easily but rather a way for members to receive high quality campaigns from top level advertisers and as well as discounts or contests that we believe may be of interest. Do messages delete themselves?

All campaigns and contests are published with an expiration date, the length of which may vary. If you do not log in to the app over a longer period of time, you may miss some messages as they will have expired.

You may also delete messages using the delete function within your app trash can in Android and hold icon in iOS. Can I retrieve a message I deleted by mistake? Unfortunately we cannot resend a message that you have deleted, cash back заработок. For this reason we ask members to take care when reading messages and not to delete a message unless you specifically want to. Handsets and Operators 1. Will Qustodian work on my phone? The Qustodian service will work on any phone which is able cash back заработок access the mobile internet, ie.

In addition, we have created Apps for those phones that support downloading applications which use the following operating systems: All you will need to do is click the cash back заработок and the application will be downloaded automatically.

Alternatively, you may choose to download our App from one of the various App stores provided by phone manufacturers and mobile operators. Which mobile networks does Qustodian work on? The Qustodian service will work on any mobile network, provided you have access to the mobile internet from your mobile phone and that your mobile operator does not restrict your access to available websites very unlikely.

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